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Dive Spots

Gruta dos Enchareús

Santa Maria

Located to the west of the island, about 5 miles from the Vila do...

Gruta Funda

Santa Maria

This dive is recommended for more experienced divers as it is...

Ilhéu da Gaivota


Located on the south coast of Graciosa Island, the Ilhéu da...

Ilhéu da Mina


This dive starts close to the surface near the islet and,...

Ilhéu da Urzelina

São Jorge

This is an easy dive that starts at an islet, with depths ranging...

Ilhéu da Vila

Santa Maria

This dive takes place around the small Ilhéu da Vila (Vila Islet...

Ilhéu do Garajau


Starting at the wall of the small Ilhéu do Garajau (Tern Islet),...