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Dive Spots

Baixa do Frade

São Miguel

Located about 20 metres from the coast, approximately three miles...

Baixa do Morro


This dive at the top of the Baixa da Feteira (Feteira Reef) is...

Baixa do Norte


Located about 1 nautical mile north of the Madalena Islets in the...

Baixa do Sul


The third of the three reefs located in the Pico-Faial channel,...

Baixa do Terceirense


With depths ranging from between 5 and 40 metres, depending on the...

Baixa dos Badejos

Santa Maria

The Baixa dos Badejos (Island Grouper Reef) is located about 1...

Baixa dos Rosais

São Jorge

Dives at the Baixa dos Rosais (Rosais Reef) are typically at the...

Baixa Rasa


A dive in the Baixa Rasa (Shallow Reef) starts on a small islet on...

Banco Dollabarat

Underwater Mountains

The unique experience of diving in the Banco Dollabarat (...