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São Jorge

Sao Jorge is one of the three islands that form the ‘Triangle Islands’. Located 11 nautical miles north of Pico Island and about 14 nautical miles from the island of Faial, these islands can easily be combined into one holiday.

Long and slender, the island is well known for its fajãs (flat, low-lying strips of land by the sea). They were originally formed by lava flowing down the steep slopes into the water. Many, particularly those on the north of the island, can only be reached by foot. The most iconic of these is the Fajã de Santo Cristo with its large lagoon connected to the sea. Walking to this magical place is a unique experience, with several waterfalls and pools along the way that are suitable for bathing. This is also one of the best places in Europe for surfing.

Climbing to the top of the island – Pico da Esperança - is well worth the effort. With clear skies you can enjoy a landscape that stretches for hundreds of kilometres to the islands of Faial and Pico to the south, and to the islands of Terceira and Graciosa to the north.

This long island (over 50 kilometres long) offers divers a coast full of opportunities. Although it takes longer to travel between sites, navigating along cliffs filled with waterfalls and fajãs, diving into caves and under arches as well as swimming with huge pelagic fish at the islands best sites - the Topo Islet and the Rosais Reef, located on the east and west ends of the island - makes a visit to this island an unforgettable experience.