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Dive Spots


São Miguel

Amora is located in the South coast of São Miguel Island, between...

Âncoras do Ilhéu

São Miguel

The dive site consists of a small reef, about 40 m long, situated...

Arcos da Caloura

São Miguel

Located only 300 metres from the coast in a sheltered bay, Arcos...

Baixa do Espelho

São Miguel

The Baixa do Espelho (Mirror Reef), also known as the Baixa da...

Baixa do Frade

São Miguel

Located about 20 metres from the coast, approximately three miles...

Cabeços do Ilhéu

São Miguel

The Cabeços do Ilhéu dive is only recommended for experienced...


São Miguel

With the top of her stern at a depth of only 9 metres, and the bow...

Fontes Hidrotermais

São Miguel

The Azores are one of the few places in the world where you can...


São Miguel

This dive site is only recommended for experienced divers. The top...

English translation unavailable for Manta Blue Spot.