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Dive Spots


São Miguel

Amora is located in the South coast of São Miguel Island, between...

Âncoras do Ilhéu

São Miguel

The dive site consists of a small reef, about 40 m long, situated...

Arcadas do Judeu


This relatively shallow dive is at a sheltered site, which means...

Arcos da Caloura

São Miguel

Located only 300 metres from the coast in a sheltered bay, Arcos...

Arcos do Pocinho


In the Pocinho bathing area, with a privileged view over the Pico-...

Baixa da Barca


The Baixa da Barca (Barca Reef) is a challenging dive reserved for...

Baixa da Feteira


Despite the top of the Baixa da Feteira (Feteira Reef) being only...

Baixa da Maia

Santa Maria

The Baixa da Maia (Maia Reef) is actually a small islet located...

Baixa da Penedia

Santa Maria

The Baixa da Penedia (Penedia Reef) is located 50 metres from the...