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Top Ten Experiences
The Azores is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with one of the oceans’ fastest fishes – the blue shark. It is an unbelievable experience to swim in the same territory as this amazing ...
Diving with Blue Sharks
Diving with the world’s largest fish in clear waters is undoubtedly one of the best diving experiences of the Azores. Surrounded by several large tunas and countless other species of fish, these giants of the sea pass close to the ...
Diving with Whale Sharks (Santa Maria Island)
One of the most sought after experiences by divers who visit the Azores is the chance to scuba or free dive with a group of curious devil rays. Harmless to humans, the rays gracefully dart and swoop around you – ...
Diving with Devil Rays
The impressive ‘Dori’, a ship that took part in the largest military operation in world history – Operation Overlord - found its final resting place less than 20 metres beneath the calm waters close to the Ponta Delgada Harbour, São ...
Diving on Second World War Shipwreck (São Miguel Island)
The seamounts are the most famous dive sites of the Azores, where visibility of more than 30 metres and sightings of large groups of devil rays and schools of thousands of pelagic fish are commonplace.The volcanoes that created the Azores ...
Diving in Seamounts
The city of Angra do Heroísmo is classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a strategic trading post between Europe, Africa and Asia, and the historical legacy of the city is present both above and below the waterline, where you ...
Underwater Archaeological Park of the Bay of Angra do Heroísmo (Terceira Island)
Just two minutes from the sunny beach of Vila da Praia, you reach the most famous dive site of Graciosa Island – the ‘Terceirense’ shipwreck, resting at a depth of 20 metres. This 40-metre long freighter has been here since ...
Terceirense Shipwreck (Graciosa Island)
The geographical make-up of the volcanic Azores creates a fascinating underwater playground. As well as unique physiography, it also provides dive sites with an added geological interest, especially for those who love diving in caves.Tunnels, sometimes several metres long, connect ...
Diving in Caves
Diving with several large, curious dusky groupers is a fantastic experience. It is made even more impressive when swimming in waters virtually untouched by man. The Dusky Grouper Passageway (Caneiro dos Meros) is located just 100 metres off the remote ...
Dusky Grouper Passageway (Corvo Island)
Located just 3 miles from the western tip of São Jorge Island is Rosais Reef, one of the best and most accessible places to dive if you want a wide variety of marine life. The top of the reef is ...
Rosais Reef (São Jorge Island)
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Angra do Heroísmo, the colourful capital of the island, is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
Santa Maria
Santa Maria
The small and peaceful island of Santa Maria is nicknamed the ‘Sun Island’.
São Miguel
São Miguel
Known for the beauty of its crater lakes, the biggest island of the Azores is nicknamed the ‘Green Island’.
The peaceful island of Graciosa is a great spot for relaxing baths.
São Jorge
São Jorge
Long and slender, the island of St. São Jorge is renowned for its fajãs (flat, low-lying strips of land by the sea).
Known for its stunning scenery, it is covered by thousands of blue and white hydrangeas.
This island has a strong connection to the sea and is one of the islands that forms the ‘Triangle Islands’.
Nicknamed the ‘Mountain Island’, it is the highest point of Portugal and features the third largest mountain emerging from the Atlantic.
One of the most remarkable landscapes of the archipelago, it features a monumental caldera.
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