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Rosais Reef (São Jorge Island)

Located just 3 miles from the western tip of São Jorge Island is Rosais Reef, one of the best and most accessible places to dive if you want a wide variety of marine life. The top of the reef is only 15 metres deep and with large schools of pelagic fish and an abundance of anchovies, Almaco jacks, white trevallies and yellowmouth barracudas, the waters are teeming with life.  This is one of the few dive sites in the Azores where you can be surrounded by large schools of pelagic fish as well as moray eels, octopuses and even colourful scorpion fishes. It is also particularly scenic as to reach the reef you travel alongside the fantastic scenery of São Jorge which has many fajãs (flat, low-lying strips of land by the sea) jutting out into the sea.