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Diving on Second World War Shipwreck (São Miguel Island)

The impressive ‘Dori’, a ship that took part in the largest military operation in world history – Operation Overlord - found its final resting place less than 20 metres beneath the calm waters close to the Ponta Delgada Harbour, São Miguel Island. The 130-metre-long ship is one of more than 2,750 Liberty Ships built in the United States during World War II to provide assistance to the Allies. It is now one of the most popular wreck dive sites of the Azores.

Located just 5 minutes away by boat from Ponta Delgada, this shipwreck has lay on the sandy seafloor for more than four decades and is an oasis of life for many small species such as moray eels, octopuses and nudibranchs, who have found the perfect shelter in the  hundreds of pipes and metal structures of the ship. Other species of fish use the rest of the ship as an artificial reef and large schools of Almaco jacks, yellowmouth barracudas and axillary sea breams weave between the propeller blades and rudder, disappearing into portholes.

The abundance of species normally spotted during coastal dives, coupled with the incredible scenery provided by the wreck site; turn this dive into an experience that cannot be missed in the Azores Sea.