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Diving with Devil Rays

One of the most sought after experiences by divers who visit the Azores is the chance to scuba or free dive with a group of curious devil rays. Harmless to humans, the rays gracefully dart and swoop around you – an incredible event.

Although it is common to spot small groups off the coast of several islands of the archipelago, the seamounts are the best place to fully experience the magic of swimming with devil rays. The remote spots offer a perfect habitat for them as they seek the nutrients pushed up by the warmer currents. You can usually spot several dozen swimming together just a few metres from the surface.  The most popular sites are the Ambrósio Reef on the island of Santa Maria or the Princess Alice Bank on the island of Faial. These are also excellent places to spot large schools of pelagic fish such as Almaco Jack, white trevally, yellowmouth barracuda and tuna, with schools often comprising of several thousand fish.