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Diving with Blue Sharks

The Azores is one of the few places in the world where you can swim with one of the oceans’ fastest fishes – the blue shark. It is an unbelievable experience to swim in the same territory as this amazing predator, and the reason many divers come to the Azores. It is a breath-taking opportunity.

Diving with blue sharks is possible on several islands of the Azores. The most visited site is the Condor Seamount, located about 10 miles from the island of Faial and equally accessible from the island of Pico. It was here that the opportunity to swim with blue sharks was first identified and on a typical dive we can expect to spot between 5 and 15 of these graceful sharks.

As you swim ‘in the blue’ it does not take long before you become aware of stealthy shadows as they emerge below you. Wary at first, these extremely curious predators tend to approach and thoroughly inspect each diver with their keen senses as they gain trust. Before long they are swimming slowly among the group and the boat, giving you opportunity to admire the size and agility of these incredible marine mammals. It is an intense experience like no other.